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Date with a stranger commits suicide

5 years 5 months ago #1 by Ctrimble3

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  • Date with a stranger commits suicide was created by Ctrimble3
    I was on a blind date with some tall husky man with dark hair. No one I’ve ever seen before... The dream starts in a very glamorous building in a city ... built around 1915ish if I had to guess and my date was dressed in a black suit... very dapperI couldn’t see myself but I felt like I was also dressed up. I feel like I was in an earlier time period... sometime between 1919 and 1949... We were waiting for the elevator. A very unique revolving type of elevator with little room and you had to be quick to get on. He got on ahead of me and I stalled and missed getting on. A nicely dressed elderly couple was waiting behind us and were appalled that he went on ahead of me. The man said that my date should’ve got me on and then followed. I agreed. I wanted to leave but before I could my date came back down the elevator and apologized. He had a very energetic demeanor and seemed happy. He got us on the elevator again and took us to another level. Each level of this building, was open to this large glass atrium type ceiling at the top. Below, there were large plants and a pool with a fountain. There were people here and there all around mingling like a fancy party of sorts. No one that I recognized. My date was giddy and I didn’t know where/ what we were doing. He seemed to have a plan for the date. He grabbed a large black umbrella for himself and then grabbed this smaller stained glass umbrella with a long dark fancy iron handle and handed it to me. I feel like he just took it from the buildings/ hotels decor ... it was very heavy. We took these iron gated stairs to the top level where the glass ceiling was right above us. It was early evening. We could look over the fancy wrought iron fencing all around and see below to the pool and fountain. I think we had the umbrellas in case the fountain water got us? He was very energetic and giddy and he laid his umbrella down and climbed over the iron fencing ... he was smiling and jumped into the pool below with enthusiasm.... I screamed over and over in horror barely able to catch my breath cause I knew what he had just done. He committed suicide in front of me. Bell hop type men rushed to me to ask what happened and I heard gasps. I woke up... trying to figure out what this means because I don’t dream like this.

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