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A co-worker with no hands or feet

6 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Ameslari

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  • A co-worker with no hands or feet was created by Ameslari
    Hi! I've been searching for an interpretation to my dream, but all I can find are dreams about amputation. I'm a woman, happy in my job (like, in real life). The subject of my dream is guy with whom I have a complicated work relationship with. Three months after I started, we got into a yelling match in the lobby because he started yelling at me for something and I don't appreciate being yelled at. He has this way of talking down to people. Before that, he was super friendly toward me. I've gotten used to the fact that you can't really ask him questions because he's just that type of person - always wanting to be the smartest in the room, but also going to go out of his way to make you feel dumb. Unfortunately for him, his health is starting to fail. His eye sight is going and he has diabetes. Also, in the past few months he has said some off-colored jokes to me of a sexual nature to which I talked to his boss about what he had said (they said it could be his diabetes making him wonky). So now, I try to avoid him the best I can just because it's weird.

    To the dream... I don't know why he was in my dream (maybe because we were in the same meeting earlier in the day), but he was. He did not have hands or feet. In fact, a quarter of either arm was missing. As for his feet, they were gone at the ankle and all wrapped in clean bandages. There was no amputation in the dream. His hands and feet were just gone. He also didn't talk to me at all in the dream or really acknowledge me. I was pretty indifferent toward him in the dream.

    There was a carnival ride of sorts there, but in was in a large room - not outside. It was glossy and slick like a bowling alley lane, but it was all decrepit; rotting with gaping holes everywhere. It went up like you were supposed to go to the top (like a slide), sit on a burlap sack and ride down either side. My co-worker was at the top working on something - he was actually hustling for not having feet. He actually seemed more manic (almost like a really fast zombie) than his usual surly, do-what-I-please self.

    I started climbing up the slide. That's the only time he looked my way. I made it to the top, but was having trouble hoisting myself up because it was pretty steep and slick. Just as I was about to pull myself up, my partner woke me up :(

    That's my dream. I hope someone can give me an interpretation on it.

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