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dreaming about dying, life after death.

9 years 5 months ago #1 by kevindherdt

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  • dreaming about dying, life after death. was created by kevindherdt
    Tonight I had this strange dream. I dreamed I was in bedroom and I knew that something alien was coming to earth and going to destroy it. My ex who is good friend now was in same bedroom in bed and I sat next to her, I went out of bed to see if it was happening and I saw in the sky this enormous planet like ship. I went back in bed thinking to myself how I don't want to die, what will it be like? I suddenly saw thru the window a bright light , a pink beam hitting earth nearby. At first I was hoping it would be further away because I didnt want to die yet and hoped to survive it, while it hit earth I closed my eyes and hugged my ex tightly, thinking to myself how I am just happy she was there at that moment so I would not be all alone when I was going to die, thinking how will it be? Will there be life after death and if there is how will it be and will I be alone.. I felt all energy and life being fading away slowly at first but going faster and faster. Last thing I did was hug her even more tightly and I kissed her as a last goodbye. I see a tunnel going and suddenly I am in a space like environment, far away there are pink auras, like I am in cosmo and I don't have a body but I am some kind of energy myself. I am very disappointed because I am all alone in space altough I am happy there is something and not just death. Suddenly I just wake up in my dream in bed, like if nothing ever happened and my family was downstairs already, I wanted to go downstairs as fast I could but somehow my character kept looking for his shoes and could not find the other shoe.. I woke up rightly after that.

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    9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #2 by CC

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  • The meaning of your dream is informed by its symbols, many of which are common and found in the dream dictionary on this website. Here are links to their definitions:

    end of the world:
    can't find:

    Dreams are symbolic expressions of our feelings about our waking life at the time we had it. Without knowing what was going on in your waking life, it's hard to say what generated your dream. However, the symbols reflect a feeling that you had at the time of your dream that you felt that your world was about to change or transition. The dream reflects your feelings of uncertainty about your future. The fact that your ex is in the dream may reflect your desire for someone to hold on to as you go through this big transition. Her presence in the dream could also be a clue as to the area of your life about which this dream relates. Perhaps, you just went through a breakup or it might reflect a change or loss in your family. That change in your life is something about which you would have been well aware. If you are confused as to what that would have been, try to recall how you felt in the dream. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you felt in the dream is how you felt about the subject of your dream in your waking life.

    Your dream is a great example of how knowing the meaning of an important dream (as this one is) can help prepare you to handle difficult situations and choices in your waking life. Thank you for sharing it.
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