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Car driving by itself

10 years 7 months ago #1 by Melrg

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  • Car driving by itself was created by Melrg
    Car Driving By Itself (Car Driving Dream)
    Dreamed that I went outside and started my car. I went to my friends house talked to her then got in my car to drive . When I got it it started to drive on its own . I gained control and parked it. I walked around the car to see if there was any thing or bags attached to it . There wasn't . It cranked up on its on and drove around the apartment . I would run after it catch it and when I got into the drivers seat to take the keys it , I would be outside again ( not of my own doing) this went on for awhile then my van would slam itself into people's apartments back up then it would drive around. I could see into their homes at first then the structure would rebuild itself. I went to my friend and she said she couldn't help me she had something with her daughter. A lady and a man pulled up in an old station wagon . They watched me chase the car . While chasing the car I felt it was becoming angry like I should let it go

    But this was my only form of transportation I thought to myself. I was also curious as to how it drove on its own. I went and asked the lady to help me to pray with me . She got out of her car and anointed her hands with oil. She prayed in another language and walked around the corner . I anointed my hands as well and walked the opposite direction looking for the car. I saw it sand it backed away from me and does off almost hitting the other woman . She ran then I ran and grabbed the stirring wheel


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    10 years 7 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Car driving by itself
    It's impossible to say what was the exact waking life background that generated your dream, but the symbolism in your dream is common. Because dreams are symbolic expressions of your feelings about your waking life and cars are symbols of the self, your dream suggests that you feel out-of-control in your waking.... but not as in you are going to crash. Instead, it seems to say that you feel as if your life is on autopilot. In the dream you are trying to take control of the steering wheel... as if your life (perhaps involving job, relationships, family, health issues) is in control of your life (as you chase it)... not you consciously.

    Here's a link to the definition of a car on this website:,364/task,details/ There's also a pretty entertaining video about how cars work in dreams on the homepage in the "Listen Now!" section.

    As for what is the area of your life "is driving you," there are a number of clues, including the people in the dream, who may be symbolic of people or situations in your waking life. The religious symbolism is another big clue... which again could be literal or symbolic.

    The good news in the dream is that at the end of it, you do grab the steering wheel. This is often indicative of the fact that you know you can do it if you try... you just have to get out there and do it.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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