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Climbing a big stone, falling and injuring myself

11 years 11 months ago #1 by K.endra

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  • Yesterday I dreamed that my relatives and I wanted to visit someone, however very close to that person's home we had to go across a small river and climb small but quite a few rocks. I was quite confident about those rocks - Even though my Cousin told me to watch out I went first in a fast pace claiming that I was good at climbing. I hit my forehead really hard on a rock, and my cousin started saying 'see told ya' but I climbed further, injured my hands REALLY bad - Even though it was a dream I still know how awfully painful those injuries were - and in the end I conquered the Rocks without help from anyone - but with a Lot of bruises (they turned to a really bright blue)

    This summer I went on a trip with my School friends and we climbed on a very huge rock - I'm usually Not Experienced in Rock climbing at all!!! - in the middle of the rock I suddenly couldn't find a place for my Feet which would help me to go up. I was so desperate and scared, I almost started crying as I couldn't go down either. The guys which were on the top made bets about me - and SOMEHOW I could finish it. It lasted mere seconds but I will not certainly forget my terrified State back then anytime!

    Maybe my dream has to do something with my experience back then?

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    11 years 11 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • Your experience of a difficult climb this past summer may have helped solidify the symbol in your subconscious, but your dream is probably not about that literal experience. Dreams are expressions of our feelings about our waking life at the time of the dream. Your waking life experience of struggle and fear when climbing is a natural and common response. Many people have the same experience, and thus when it appears in a dream, it often has the same meaning, even though the waking life background that generated it is very specific to the events in the dreamer's life at the time of the dream.

    Here are links to the definitions of the symbols in your dream to help you pinpoint what generated your dream:

    water (variation of river):
    mountain (variation of the rocks):
    injury (hitting your head):

    There are other clues in the dream to help you identify the recent challenge in your life. The fact that your cousin is in the dream suggests that the dream relates to a family issue. Another clue is how you felt IN the dream. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you felt in the dream is now you were feeling about its subject at the time of the dream. The good news is that you succeeded, which reflects your subcoscous awareness that you can overcome the challenge.

    Hope that helps! Congratulations and good luck!

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