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Back door to physical death?

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Danielc1990

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  • Back door to physical death? was created by Danielc1990
    Hi everyone. I’ll start by letting you know that I am a pretty experienced lucid dreamer. I was always fascinated by it even as a child, and I spent a lot of my time in adulthood trying to figure out a way to guarantee a lucid dream. I’ve concluded that there is no particular way, as it differs from person to person. Anyway, for me, I can enter a lucid dream, in any location I wish as long as I unexpectedly wake up in the ‘dazed’ state to which I can consciously return to a dream or wake up. If I wish to have a lucid dream, I can simply
    think of a place I wish to be, and simply be there, totally omnipotent and sometimes even all-knowing. 

    This particular experience happened today, and despite me having hundreds of lucid dreams before, this one has been the most profound, even though I didn’t get a chance to do much. I woke up probably in the early hours of the morning, and like I mentioned before, I recognised this ‘dazed’ state and wished to simply be in my house, but lucid. 
       When I entered this dream in my house, I of course knew I was dreaming and started to decide what I could do to have a bit of fun. I got out of bed, headed down the stairs and noticed there were a load of shoes all over the floor. I hate mess and everything has to be neat and organised (even when I’m dreaming) so as I knew it was a dream, I simply wished the shoes to be ordered neatly back on the shoe rack by my telekinesis, and continued into the lounge. When I entered the lounge, there was even more mess, hundreds of items everywhere, untidy and cluttered. This time I simply thought and ordered all of these objects to go back where they belong, and so they did, in seconds everything was in perfect order. Now standing in my lounge in this lucid state, I couldn’t help but notice how much more real this dream was to one’s before. The detail was perfect, in fact I can confidently say (in my perception) that it was more real that the real waking world. I then decided to go back upstairs but then in a split second, I jumped through the lounge window without breaking it. I didn’t even think about it for more than a tenth of a second, I just did it. I then decided to fly upwards and forwards but a tree appeared, and sort of prevented me from continuing the flying. I instantly gave up, climbed down the tree and once again, couldn’t help but be astounded by the detail. I pressed the side of my thumb into the bark, and it was more real than the waking world. I felt every minute detail of pain the bark impressed me with, how it scratched me as I climbed down and how the smell was exactly the way it would be for real . I got to the ground (within seconds) and carried on towards the main road, that my cup-de-sac led onto, only 30 yards from my doorstep. There were two men standing at the T-junction, who then tried to prevent me from going further. They were dressed like road workers, as if there was some sort of maintenance happening. Of course, because I was dreaming I laughed and ignored them, they then physically tried to stop me y obstructing me so I simply ‘threw’ them with my brain power into the sky, and beyond. 

    I then looked to the left and right, down both ends of the main road and it was the most profoundly weird thing I’d experienced in my life. I was looking at the fabric of my dream unfold, I was watching in real-time my brain trying to ‘render’ my dream. There were subtle outlines to objects like buildings, but no colour, no texture, as if it was a rough mould in 3D software. Looking at the road, it continued for about 20 yards, and then faded into a blue/teal ‘abyss’ (on both ends). For some reason, I could barely look at this image, as if it haunted or disturbed me. Then, a feeling came over me, it communicated to me that if I was to continue my exploration of this dream, and continue down that road, that I wouldn’t return, iI would be trapped forever or itd
    kill me physically. Of course, I immediately returned, and felt a sudden urge to get back to the place I ‘woke up’ in this dream.

    after waking, I tried to make sense of it, and a lot of the dream did make sense. I have concluded with this,  there are two parts to my brain, the part which is me as a person, with all of my loves, hates, traits etc, then the unconscious part of me, that constructs my dreams as I am in them. As far as my unconscious brain was concerned, I was not supposed to be in this dream, and it had no time to conjure something up as I immediately began to explore. This is why it put the shoes in my way to try and stall me, to buy it time to render the dream. The same with the mess in the lounge. Then I gave it even less time by going through the window. It then put a tree in my way (that doesn’t exist in reality) to buy it time again. The workers at the end of the road was my brains last attempt in buying it time to render this dream. Of course, when I ignored all of these attempts by my brain, the truth was revealed to me,. I did think that the feeling of dread I had looking at the ‘unfinished’ landscape of my dream was another ploy to stall me, but I think there is a more profound explanation. My subconscious brain may be responsible for constructing my dreams, but it is also responsible for keeping my heart beating, my lung breathing and a load of other vital functions my body does to stay alive. My brain also doesn’t have an unlimited amount of processing power. I think if I had continued to explore this unfinished landscape in my dream, it likely would have killed me in real life because my brain would’ve been overwhelmed . It would’ve had to spend more of its processing power in constructing the dream as quickly as possible, and neglect the vital functions like heartbeat etc.  like  when a computers processor is overloaded, my brain and body might well have crashed if I had continued down that road, and the feeling of dread was my brain warning me not to proceed. It was as if my brain had no choice but to reveal the truth to me.

    of course this isn’t a proven theory, but I am convinced that I am right about this. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do you have any other theories? 


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