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Was I rejected by angels?

2 years 9 months ago #1 by Sisally

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  • Was I rejected by angels? was created by Sisally
    I was searching for someone in an unknown place. It kinda resembled the inside of pyramids or a celestial cave of sorts. I was trying to find someone I hadn’t met before but I somehow knew who he was. When I finally found him, I went to hug him and he wouldn’t let me touch him. He told me I wasn’t suppose to be there and I needed to leave before someone else saw me. I started crying and asking why I could stay and talk to him.. he told me I was tainted. This dream was very vivid, most vivid I’ve ever had. And the intense amount of pain I felt when this man said I was “tainted” and needed me to leave.. hit in a very different way. Can someone please help me understand the meaning behind this dream? 

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