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Pirates on a Cruise Ship

3 years 1 month ago #1 by WhiteLight

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  • Pirates on a Cruise Ship was created by WhiteLight
    Hello. Please help me. My dreams are extremely vivid and detailed. Where ever you see brackets in the text, this is a reference to how the scenario is in my real life as opposed to in the dream. Here goes:

    I am sitting at a table. Its night time. A man sits across me. A wall to his back. A friend (we don't speak in real life) sits next to me. We are on a cruise ship. I blackout and wake up in a one-bedroom cabin room. It's extremely small. My friend is on the floor, also just waking up, naked. The guy is with us. It feels like he just raped her. It was for revenge. I leave. It's not my problem and I want nothing to do with it. I am on the middle deck. It's wide, a lot of open space. Seems like a lot of natural light coming in. Feels like a landing strip for fighter jets. But can't be because there is def a roof above us. I see pirates. Modern-day pirates, dressed in black, rounding people up everywhere, but they are small and skinny. It's chaos. They hijacked the ship. I am naked. Only wearing pants. I find a locker ahead on the left side and put on a bra and top, the clothes belong to someone else. In the centre on either side are passages leading to the sides of the boat. I walk to the right side. There is a room. Large. A band just finished playing and last of the guests are preparing to go to their rooms. The room has 3 entrances. One facing the centre passage. One facing the side passage leading to the deck on the side of the boat and one facing the deck on the far side. I want to leave with them. They say: "No, we are going to have a sex orgy with drugs." I am not invited. This gate leads to the right side of the boat and has a security door. I need to hide. Somewhere they won't find me. Too late. We (all the passengers) are huddled together next to the window. It's very bright and day time now. Large open windows look out over the ocean. The crowd forms next to the window. The pirates line up like a firing squad to our right. I am scared. A girl is called from the crowd to go out on the deck and hold a flair and fire it. SHe's cheeky but she does it. I watch them shoot her twice in the back. She falls to the ground. My mind is blown. I know without any doubt inside my mind and heart that I am about to die as well. I cannot come to terms with how real this feels. I tell myself, how can it end like this. I can't believe it. I think of a man, an enemy that I know. He is not here and he will continue to live. (This man is involved in witchcraft and someone I've recently greatly offended.) The firing squad starts shooting. I see the bullets leave the guns. I think about the pain. I hope it's over quickly. Not a single bullet touches me. A shaman appears out of nowhere. He is their leader. He tells me I am one of five people chosen to live. He wants me and the others as his new wives. I try to sweet talk him. He tells me, "it's not your decision to live and nothing you say or do will affect what I feel". My life is basically in his hands at his mercy. I go with the group to a separate room. Nothing spectacular about the group he chose. Everyone is just plain and ordinary. Three women and two men. One young and one old. They too will be his wives. There are about five trash bags lying around in the room. Maggots climbing out. We all lay on a bed waiting. The door is right next to my side of the bed. The one women start to vomit and they take her out. It's over for her. I have a phone and can speak to my mom. I look at the bags trying to assess how long it takes for maggots to form. That's how long I have been here. The shaman's first wife comes in. She wants us all dead. She does not approve and takes my phone trying to catch me out. But, I never told my mom what happened, I only thought about it thinking if they catch me we are all dead. She states our location as Neels but it feels like Nassau, Bahamas.  I think if I tell my mom then the USA navy can save us. Then I am driving in Miami to go to a gas station. I have been sent by them. Too afraid to try anything. I think of visiting my mom and dad (my dad passed away, suspiciously about four years ago. We suspect the witchcraft guy) Then I make a sudden decision to go to them. They are in a back street in a room.  A truck has pulled across the street a few meters ahead in the same road where the door to their room is located. The road is very narrow. I can't leave that way. I have to go back the way that I came if I want to get back to the ship.  My parents are supposed to be on vacation but are waiting for me and my car to drive them around. My dad lays sleeping on the couch. I speak to my mom. I realize how much I love her and miss her and how much I want to stay there with them. They are so loving and innocent.  My brother calls to speak to her (also suspiciously died recently, also suspect the witchcraft man of this) and I think of just staying there. I feel so bad. I can't tell them what happened and I want them to have a good time. I think the pirates will know where I am as I have a tracker int he car. Then I wake up. 

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