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Held Captive but liking my Abductor.

3 years 4 months ago #1 by jessdreamer

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  • Held Captive but liking my Abductor. was created by jessdreamer
    i walked out of an unknow house and it was dark outside,there were a few men outside who did not concern me at the time, there was a
    conversation between me and the men however i have no idea what was actually
    said. I was then forced to breath in some kind of gas, this gas made me
    collapse. I was completely helpless, scared, and unable to move as I was
    scooped up in the abductors arms. I could feel everything and hear everything
    but couldn’t see everything, it was blurry and i felt completely weightless. i
    was then placed in the back seat of a car but was laying down with my head on
    the mans lap as the car drove down windy road for a long time. this is when
    everything changed, he stroked me to sooth me and all of a sudden i felt safe,
    the dream changed and i was no longer afraid but enjoying the company and didn’t
    want the gas to wear off even though i knew i was being held hostage. this
    caring nature carried on as i was taken into a house with a few other girls in
    the same situation as me, all being cared for by people who seemed to protective
    over us. and that’s all i remember

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