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    The dream began on with a sheet on what looked like a 2 dimensional sheet, a flat plane that within it contained 3 dimensional space, the space was filled with ying yang symbols, all touching tangentially filling the space. I'm not sure how deep it went, it was confusing to look deeply into. The flat sheet of symbols then morphed and moulded around into the shape of a human, stretching the symbols but remaining perfectly tangential.
    I noticed my perspective shift inside this human and I looked at my skin being the ying yang symbols, shifting very slowly around me, speeding up if i moved a certain part. I was standing on a pillar or something, very little room to move, extremely high up. I looked down but couldnt see ground, it was foggy below me; I assumed i was really high up.
    The thought of balance came to my mind and as it did a tightrope shot out in front of me from the pillar, i started to walk across. Poorly balanced on the rope i laughed at the idea that one could be so balanced internally but have terrible balance externally. I pushed across the rope, stumbling and wobbly until I nearly got to the end. I was quite close but I noticed music was playing (I had left my speaker on and fell asleep to music) so instead of finding my balance and moving across the rope, I instead jumped from the rope, catching myself and hanging from what I once balanced on. The music overcome me and I started dancing whilst hanging from the rope, raving more like... frantically spinning around my shoulder, backflipping and exerting high energy moves.
    The tight rope then became a zip line and I was racing down it, still raving and enjoying the dream.
    As I was travelling I noticed a dark presence following me, catching up and getting VERY close to me, right in my face; I looked like a dementer from harry potter, I'd stopped dancing.
    The dementor floated, moving close in my vision, almost holding me but refraining. I looked at it deeply in the eye and started laughing at it, stripping it of any negativity.
    The dementor then took a few steps back and started dancing, doing pop n lock dance moves and some pretty impressive stuff. In return I started break dancing, powerspins, a fluid like movement of dance. I realised I cant dance like this in real life and the realisation of dreaming became very real.
    The dementor stopped dancing, floated backwards and disappeared, it had an odd face about it; looked almost shocked. Me, now claiming control, shouted "NAA FUCK THIS IM OUT OF HERE, IM GONNA BREAK OUT" and I leaped into the air, leaving the atmosphere and now in space.
    I wanted to see outside the universe so I imagined the edge, in doing so travelling towards it, no movement though just stretched spagettified light.
    I reached 'the edge' and pushed my way through, entering the other side with a popping sound.
    On the other side was a realm of pure whiteness, and among that whiteness was the same whiteness... but, kind of stumbling over itself, tripping over itself towards me. Rushing quickly and chaotically until it reached me, it stumbled onto itself until it completely surrounded me like a layer then the realm became pure whiteness again, like the stumbling had never happened.
    I think I then woke up, there isnt much recollection after that...

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