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Shadows in the sky

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Fogginess

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    Recently I had a lucid dream. I was dreaming I was near the swing bridge over the canal near where I live. First of all I saw an airship in the shape of a coffin (I didn't realize this during the dream, I just found it an odd shape), exactly above the bridge it turned left and disappeared. Then I started to see shadows in the sky (like if they wer projected from a projector. I don't remember all shadow's but I saw a ski jumper jumping over the canal, then I saw the shadow of a skeleton next to a tree. At the exact moment I thought it would shake the branches of the tree (a green tree, so with the leaves still on it), it did so. I didn't feel any fear because of the weird observations I had in my dream.

    Note: the sky is clear blue with few clouds
    The water in the canal is troubled, but that is also the fact in reality, so I don't think the troubledness of the water means something.
    The water is also calm, just waves from the wind (and or the ships, but I didn't see any ships in the dream, apart from the airship)

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