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Dreaming whilst conscious

4 years 8 months ago #1 by KJ_86

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  • Dreaming whilst conscious was created by KJ_86
    I'm hoping some people here may be able to to help me. Over the last few months or so every time I've had a night of heavy drinking the next day I'm feeling very bad due to anxiety (which I've had for many years) but recently I'm experiencing this new symptom, I'm sleepy and feel like having a nap but I don't properly fall asleep, I experience what I think is lucid dreaming but I'm semi-conscious and so can 'see' what I'm dreaming which obviously can be very strange things and so I find this quite a frightening feeling. 

    I did some googling but it's hard to even explain what happens, I can't seem to find what it could be, some sites have said Hypnogogic which is like hallucinations but can be linked to things like schizophrenia which is now worried me even more. 

    This only seems to happen the night after I have a couple of drinks, and I am an anxious person in general. I'm just concerned as this never used to be thing for me but now it is. 

    Any advice welcome and thank you.

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