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    Me and two of my coworkers (Willie and Ricka) were at a building somewhere. It looked like we were in the country maybe hanging out not really sure. We were out in the field doing different game like activities together. Then me and Willie went in the building. He was in the shower and he called my name and started to talking to me about something on his private. He got out the shower and was drying off and he said look and he proceeded to show me his what he was talking about on his private. He pulled his dick up with one hand and then stretched his balls with the other hand and was showing me something on his private. Then he got dressed and walked out the building. I remember Ricka coming in and asking what was wrong and I looked at her and said I can't believe Willie just actually showed me his dick. I began to tell her about what he showed and distinctly remember being in shock that he did it. As me and Ricka was talking about it we were looking out the door at him and his wife, his wife had pulled up and they got on 4 wheelers and left. I remember still being in shock that they happened. Everything in my dream was very vivid and lifelike. I could see the color of the grass, what me and my coworkers was wearing what we looked like and everything.

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