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Sleep Paralysis in my car

4 years 8 months ago #1 by taniedreamer

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  • Sleep Paralysis in my car was created by taniedreamer
    I need help understanding my sleep situation. I have a far commute to work so I leave out early and sleep in my car. However when ever I sleep in my car i go through this strange sleep paralysis/lucid dream situation. I usually hear a bump like some one is next to or outside the car and when I try to get up i cant move. I know that i am up and aware but my body wont respond. I can usually shake my body free so to speak but it gives me a massive headache and i struggle to  awake myself fully. I then usually fall to sleep and wake up a couple hours later. I usually get to work around 6:30 am and wake up around 9-ish after all of that. Im not scared of it or anything but its just a nuisance that i wish i could understand better. 

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