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4 years 8 months ago #1 by Sadkitty

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    I had a lucid dream of my late husband who passed away in December of 2010. I dreamed I was at a cocktail party with my neighbor across the hall. The party was at a huge mansion with an open staircase and a chandelier in the foyer. The whole dream had a feeling of Deja Vu. The other people at the party were a blur and my feeling was there were a whole bunch of them. Their was music and chatter. I could even smell things, ie cigars. I even had the sense that the sofa we sat on was made of horsehair. The door bell rang sounding odd like it was off key or winding down or something. My friend said to me will you get that? My late husband was at the door dressed in what appeared to be an old military uniform. Khaki short sleeves button down shirt shorts to the knee and knee socks. I was startled to see him saying Becky (his niece) told me you were dead. He laughed and replied do I look dead to you? I am just as alive as you are. Just then I realized I was wearing the same uniform as his. I woke with a strange uneasy feeling that hasn't left me.

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