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Grade 8 Farewell /Crush asking to my my gf

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Cuttlef1sh

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  • Grade 8 Farewell /Crush asking to my my gf was created by Cuttlef1sh
    I had a dream about my crush asking to be my gf. I honestly have no idea what this dream meant, but I am kind of nervous to find out. 

    Here's the dream as accurate as I can describe: 

     So it was 7:30pm at my Elementary school having the Grade 8 Farewell (A party to celebrate graduation into High School). It was really fun, doing the same activities as we did in reality. When we got back to the school, there was a table in the commons area where we usually ate lunch. I was sitting with my 2 best friends at the side near one end of the table, and my crush with her friends on the end of the other side. The table was long as to hold all 40 kids including teachers. While we were close to finishing eating, she stood up and asked for eveeyone's attention. This is where she asked me to be her gf. I said yes after covering my face with ny free hand while my buddies were going half-balistic like they do when I roast someone hard in reality. I would have loved to see what happened next, but the time irl was 10am and my brain decided to wake up.

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