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He literally faded away overnight.

5 years 5 months ago #1 by lostgirliabw

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  • He literally faded away overnight. was created by lostgirliabw
    The earliest I can remember, I was in a dark bedroom.  It had the same feel as some of the different bedrooms my mom and her girlfriend had at different houses when I was little. All of their dogs were in there and it was like when I would be little and would wake up early in the morning and I would sneak out of their bed and sneak outside. Then all of a sudden I had a couple friends with me. I don't really remember who they are but I know there were some familiar people there. I'm not sure what happened next but it was somewhere along the lines of leaving the bedroom, and walking around the empty rooms of a house that looked as if, perhaps, some young parents with a small baby had been living there and then left in a hurry. It was quite eerie and made me feel uneasy. Just the natural sunlight on various toys, bottles, clothes. Something about it just had an absence of life. If it matters, it could be a connection to the fact that my baby sister was just born and taken away from her mother. My dad is trying to get her but we are struggling financially to have the things she needs...Then there's like a break in the dream where there's just "black" and next thing I know I'm following a girl, in the same house, into what looks like the baby's room, who I think I know I just immediately forgot her face, and we have intentions of sexual relations witch if I'm being honest, I'm really grossed out by. I'm a straight girl and I don't mind other girls choosing to do that kind of stuff but I'll pass. It was weird because I almost had a sense of dream consciousness at this moment when we heard someone, I guess we weren't alone in the house, maybe someone like a parent or friend, and we were trying to keep secret. This is when I had a moment of consciousness. The closet I was shrinking back to, was the same closet that had terrorized me in a previous dream. Months ago! I had completely forgotten about it until now and I actively thought that in my dream and I realized I was dreaming for a moment. Then, it was gone and I was lost in dream world again. Now I was walking out of the house and leaving. I don't know where I was going but I think I had plans to meet up with an old ex who had been helping me through a recent breakup. (the same situation is happening now, I have an old ex letting me cry on his shoulder while I get over a recent breakup that happened only weeks ago) I think I went to my house because my dad was there. He questioned my ankle (I've been recovering from a sprained ankle in real life) because I was walking on it. He kept on offering me the crutches and asking me if I needed help no matter how many times I told him I didn't need it. It kind of jumped, from what I can remember, to nighttime. We were in like a village type or old medievil or steampunk or something like that.Think old european, brick streets (which may not be medievil I don't think but it's what I imagined) timber framed old european style houses if that makes any sense and the streets were lit up with torches. I'm not sure how I got there but I was somewhere really dark it may have been a hole, alleyway, I'm not sure but then my just recent ex, the one I'm still getting over, and this is the part of the dream that concerns me the most, came out of nowhere. He pretty much told me he wanted me and he wanted us to get back together. I don't really remember that part though. I think I was supposed to be meeting up with my best friend in the big church across the street and I was worried about that but I was so captivated by him and I was so excited that I had him that I decided to stay quiet. Now I believe we were in between an old camper and a pick-up truck (Yes, in the same old timey town, weird huh) and he, after rejoicing that I said I would come back stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck like a chokehold but not in a violent way like a protective, calm, gentle, holding, cuddly way? I just held onto his forearms and snuggled my head into him every now and then he would kiss me on the head. We never said I love you and never actually kissed. It was great though and soon, morning came. I woke up, still standing and thinking he was there. I saw my friend come out of the church (I think it's a church) and some other people like from my old school. I soon realized that he was no longer there and a part of me kind of panicked. Then my best friend came up to me. She didn't ask so I didn't tell her why I didn't come. I pulled a "bandana' off of my head and I'm not sure how it got there. It may have actually been more similar to the crown of thorns like what was used to put on Jesus' head at his crucifixion in The Bible. We realized there was a boy, unconscious, or dead, hopefully not the latter, lying in the ditch. I didn't recognize him and no one touched him. I also realized I was once again standing in front of that house with the creepy feeling. Sarah and I went in as if this was our second house. I was in my socks and we went back in. This time it still had the eerie feeling but not as bad. Sarah went to the backyard where the yard was green and overgrown. Baby toys swimming in the mid-calf length grass. I felt the panic of my dad looking for me. I didn't know why he was looking for me but I felt him panicking in my own heart. As I was stepping out my dad ran in asking me once again if I needed my crutches or if I needed any help. Over and over. Then I woke up...

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