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Lucid dream and trying to wake up

6 years 1 week ago #1 by rockfisha

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  • Lucid dream and trying to wake up was created by rockfisha
    Last night i was having a recurring dream in which i am being brutally murdered, nothing unusual for me as i have them often. I often wake my partner yelling for help or trying to warn her of danger.

    This time though when i was yelling for help as usual i heard her saying to me "wake up you are dreaming" and we both remember me replying "i cant wake up, i cant wake up". It was terrifying not being able to wake up, i knew i was dreaming and being murdered but felt like i was trapped there.

    I use Zopiclone most nights, and dont usually remember dreaming so my dreaming is usually only during a nap when not under the influence of sleeping pills.

    Any theories or explanations welcome, i still feel confused and agitated now and vividly remember it all.

    Male, 47yrs, New Zealand

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