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A healthy garden and plants are a symbol of renewal, rebirth, spiritual growth, and healing. Gardens and plants that are diseased, dying or dead are often symbols for a formerly "fertile" area of our lives that we feel is suffering, dying or dead, such as a marriage, career or family life.  Dreams of planting indicate new projects in our lives, that we anticipate nourishing into the future. Dreams of harvesting symbolize reaping the benefits of your labors. Dreams of fertilizing or watering a garden or plants reflect your desire to nurture or grow an aspect of yourself or an area of your life. Dreams of weeding suggest a need for organization and renewal of purpose. Owing to the Biblical tale of the Garden of Eden, gardens also may hold allusions to areas of temptation in our lives, especially if snakes are present. Are you experiencing a renewal of energy and focus? Has temptation been courting you?

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