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Appetizing food in a dream is a symbol of spiritual, sensual, or emotional nourishment in waking life. Unappetizing (raw, uncooked, rotten, disgusting) food symbolizes the absence of emotional "nourishment from the server or food preparer" in waking life.  The absence or denial of food (hunger) often reflects feelings or concerns about the absence or denial of spiritual, sensual or emotional nourishment in your life. Where the dream occurs and who is in it, provides clues as to the waking life catalyst of the dream. Hunger in dreams may reflect desire for sensual nourishment in a romantic relationship or spiritual or intellectual need for growth. If the consumption of food makes you sick or causes you to vomit, try to identify what you recently "swallowed" in your waking life that you "cannot stomach."  Food in dreams that result in feelings of guilt or self-consciousness in the dream may reflect a dreamer's waking life issues with weight and body image. 

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