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Falling dreams that are recurring or emotional represent instability and lack of support. You're likely to have this dream when you feel like someone or something just pulled the ground out from under your feet. Maybe you just lost your job, separated from your spouse or got divorced. Or maybe you're reeling from the trauma of a friend or loved one dying. Whatever the case, you're in a state of suspense, and don't know where you're going to land. To get both feet back on the ground, think about your goals, and the steps you can take to achieve them. Now's the time to plan for your future. Make smart decisions, and take care of number one.

Some falling dreams are not considered to be meaningful psychologically. As we fall asleep, our sense of balance switches from being oriented to the real world to being oriented to the dream world. Even though we are lying down in our beds, in our dreams we are "up and about"- running, flying, leaping, walking, and talking. We have a different sense of balance in dreams. When we dream we are falling, especially just as we are falling asleep, we likely are tumbling into our new sense of balance.

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