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Dreams of escape or survival reflect feelings of confidence that you can successfully outmaneuver, outwit, avoid or outrun your pursuers, captors or a seemingly certain result or fate. The question to ask, however, is from whom, or from what challenge or situation, are you escaping? Are you trapped in a job you hate or an unhappy romantic relationship? Work to identify the avoided feelings that are represented by your pursuers, so that you can leave "dreams of escape" behind!

The successful avoidance of a pursuer in a dream indicates confidence in one's ability to avoid attackers or enemies. Trouble escaping or inability to escape in a dream reflects feelings of trouble getting away or extricating yourself from a person or situation in your waking life. Repeated dreams of escape, involving exits through numerous doors and "trap doors" in a house, may reflect the dreamer's avoidance of disturbing issues or awarenesses in his or her life.

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