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Highly personal symbol related to the self: the "direction we are headed" in our life. How is your driving? Is it safe and under control? Too fast, too slow? Is it easy or hard? Is the drive uphill or downhill? Do the brakes and steering wheel work? How well can you see the road? Are you able to reach your destination? Are you driving or is someone else? Are you stopped, lost or driving backward? If you are driving from the passenger or backseat with others, if often reflects feelings that you are being a "backseat driver" in their life. If you are driving by yourself from the back seat, it reflects feelings that your desire to reach a certain destination has taken a "back seat." If you are driving a stolen car, it reflects feelings of having "hijacked" another in pursuit of your goal.

Being driven by someone in a dream reflects your awareness that that person (or who they represent) is exercising control over you and the direction you are headed in waking life.  Do you feel safe, or would you rather be behind the wheel? 

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