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Dreams of being a criminal or a "bad guy" symbolize feelings of guilt. Did you do something wrong? Are you really the bad person that people say you are - or are you innocent?

If you're being confronted or chased by a criminal (thug, gang member, mafiosi, hit man, etc.), you may be worried about a bad person who wants to hurt you or steal something from you. A murderer in a dream is someone in waking life that would like to make you "go away," which could be an enemy, a divorcing spouse or a boss who you feel intends to fire you. A rapist in a dream is someone in waking life who you feel has violated your trust or boundaries. A burglar in a dream is someone you perceive in waking life to be out to take something from you, which can range from your livelihood to your self-respect. A serial killer, mass murderer, assassin or hit man in dreams often represent people who ride roughshod over, fire or "get rid of" people.  A serial killer can also reflect the personification of fears of a "serial" loss, such as multiple miscarriages. A terrorist in a dream represents fears of a terrifying person or situation that threatens harm to its victim(s.)

Frequently a literal representation of a woman's (especially) fears of being physically attacked or sexually assaulted, stalkers also may represent disturbing feelings or awarenesses that a dreamer refuses to acknowledge. Is it time to "face your fears?" Ex-spouses or ex-lovers also may appear as stalkers in dreams; their memory "won't leave you alone."

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