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A cat in a dream holds a particularly strong association to babies in women's dreams.  Women often dream of "birthing" cats!  The reason for the association is that we hold, cradle, care for and feed cats milk, as we do with babies.

Cats may also represent the anima or feminine aspects of either a man or a woman's personality.  They can also be associated with a woman's sexuality.  For example, if a cat is aggressive, scratches you, or jumps on you, it may indicate difficulty with your sexuality, or mixed feelings regarding your desire for children.

A feminine symbol, cats in dreams are also often associated with feminine mystery. (Cats are holy animals in Egyptian, Persian, Scandinavian, Greek, and Japanese cultures.)

If you own a cat in real life, he or she may symbolize your responsibilities as a pet owner. If your cat is happy, it reflects your feeling that you are a good owner. If your pet is in bad health, injured or in danger, you may be worried about your ability to care for it. Neglecting your cat in a dream reflects concerns that you are not paying enough attention to or spending enough time with him/her. If your cat goes missing or is taken from you in a dream, as with parental instinct dreams, it reflects your anxiety that it might happen and how that would feel, not that it will happen.

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