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Nail - finger or toe

When a fingernail or toenail breaks or falls off in a dream (like teeth falling out dreams), it reflects concerns about one's physical or social appearance in waking life. If you take pride in your nails and they break, chip, are dirty, missing, or fall off in a dream, you feel that your attractiveness, style and appearance have been compromised. Is it any surprise then that such dreams usually occur when you're not feeling attractive or desirable? Maybe your lover just broke up with you. Or maybe you're concerned about those extra pounds you've been gaining recently. Did you say something stupid yesterday in the business meeting? If you pull or cut your nails off in a dream, it reflects your feeling that you deliberately did or said something in waking life that you feel made you look bad to others. To "fix your nails," think about steps you can take to make you feel good about yourself. Once you solve this riddle, you'll be showing off your nails again.

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