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To be robbed in a dream reflects feelings of being taken from without getting anything back or being robbed somewhere in your waking life, including emotionally.  Can you identify the robber?  If not, the dream often provides clues, such as that person's age and gender, the other people in the dream or its location.  It can occur when a personal or professional relationship feels one-way, that all your partner or employer does is "take" without giving anything in return.  If you are robbed of money in a dream, it reflects financial concerns.  If your car or car keys are stolen in a dream, it often reflects feelings of being co-opted by someone or some event in your waking life.  If your wallet, purse or passport is stolen in a dream, consider where you feel as if your identity, power or beauty have been stolen or encroached upon in your waking life.  If your phone or computer is stolen in a dream, try to identify where you feel as if your voice has been taken away, often in a social or professional context.

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