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A driver in a dream represents who the dreamer feels is in control of a situation in waking life. Regardless of the vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc.), the driver in a dream controls the direction, speed and outcome of the journey toward a destination or goal in the dreamer's waking life. If you are driving from the passenger or backseat with others, if often reflects feelings that you are being a "backseat driver" in their life.  If the driver has an accident or is about to crash, it reflects the dreamer's feeling that "the driver" is out of control.  If no one is in the driver's seat, it reflects the dreamer's feeling that their life is out of control.  If driving a stolen car, it reflects feelings of having "hijacked" another in the pursuit of your goal. If you are a taxi, Uber or Lyft driver in the dream, it reflects your feeling that you may control the car (yourself), but you "work" or answer to your passengers. Location and other people in the dream will provide clues as to which area of the dreamer's life the dream relates.

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