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Throats in dreams are frequent metaphors for communication. A slit throat (or severed tongue) in a dream symbolizes your feeling that you (or the vicitm) have been silenced or are ignored in waking life; you (or they) can’t talk. To slit someone's throat in a dream reflects the desire to silence them.  If someone is strangling you in a dream, it reflects your feelings that someone is trying to "choke" your efforts to be heard or understood in waking life. To strangle someone in a dream reflects your anger toward them and a desire either to quiet, stifle or make them "choke" on their words.

If your throat is blocked in a dream, you cannot fully remove the object which can be most anything, but often gum or string, and you awaken out of breath, call a doctor of sleep medicine immediately! The dream reflects your difficulty breathing at night and is a common dream of sleep apnea sufferers. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that can kill. It is 100% curable, but you need to see a sleep specialist. To find one in your area, click here.

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