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If you do not have a tattoo and are not seriously considering getting one in your waking life, tattoos in dreams, like piercings, are symbols of possession, ownership and identity, such as being a member of a group. If your lover or a friend in a dream has a tattoo on his/her body, it reflects your feeling that he/she may belong to someone else or be a part of another group. Dreams of erasing or removing a tattoo reflect feelings of wanting to forget or “erase” someone or some event from your past. Dreams of a tattoo coming off or disappearing reflect your feeling that you are no longer imprinted by or "in the possession" of another. Try to identify the tattoo to confirm the subject of the dream. If someone puts a tattoo on you in a dream, think about the designs that person may have on you or who might be trying to put their stamp on you in your waking life.

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