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Trains in dreams, much like airplanes, signify attempts to reach significant destinations in our lives-such as career or romantic goals, along a predictable track. Train wrecks and mechanical failures indicate doubts about our ability to achieve a goal. If you are late for or miss a train, you’re feeling unprepared and need to pay more attention to how you are going to reach your goal or "destination."  Trains going the wrong way or "jumping the track" reflect feelings that one is headed in the wrong direction in waking life or that one has deviated from the intended path. Watching a loved one or family member depart on a train symbolizes feelings of separation. 

A train station in a dream symbolizes the impending journey to a big destination in your waking life, often related to career, such as a promotion or new job. If you have trouble in the dream getting to the train station or you lose your ticket or passport, it reflects your feelings of desire and concern about reaching your big waking life destination.

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