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Losing one's teeth is a common dream reflecting concerns about one's physical and social appearances, and effectiveness in a competitive environment. If you think about it, your pearly whites are a big part of your smile, and your smile is a big part of your attractiveness and appearance. A smile can be an indication to a potential mate to continue his or her seduction. A smile lets other people know whether you're happy or sad. Is it any surprise then that dreams about losing teeth - or losing your smile - usually comes when you're not feeling attractive or desirable? Maybe your lover just broke up with you. Or maybe you're concerned about those extra pounds you've been gaining recently. Did you say something stupid yesterday in the business meeting? All these events can wipe the smile off your face in a dream, usually accompanied by several missing teeth. To start wearing your smile again, think about steps you can take to make you feel good about yourself. Once you solve this riddle, you'll be smiling again in no time. Occasionally, teeth falling out can reflect literal concerns about dental conditions or procedures.

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