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Bugs, such as ants, flies, or cockroaches, in dreams often represent people who "bug" us, or situations that are disturbing and give us "the creeps." If this is the situation, ask yourself who you would like to get away from or "exterminate" in waking life?  Spiders have a similar meaning; they can represent creepy people in your waking life who would like to catch you in their "web."  If the spiders (or other bugs) in your dream are in your bedroom, it is often not a dream, but symptomatic of a common sleep disorder called a confusional arousal. For more about confusional arousals, click here. Stinging bugs, such as bees, wasps, hornets or even scorpions, reflect concerns about people or situations in waking life that can cause emotional injury. While mosquitoes are biting bugs, they may reflect people who are more annoying than hurtful. Fleas and lice, being parasitic insects, represent people that you want "out of your hair." Maggots represent death. Leeches and slugs represent people who "suck the life" out of us. Ticks represent people who feed off of us and, in some cases, "infect" us.  If you find a worm under your skin in a dream, it represents people or issues that have gotten "under your skin" in waking life and may also represent a health issue that you feel is "crawling around" inside you. If you dreamed of a caterpillar (an insect, but not technically a "bug"), click here.

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