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Birds in dreams are associated with freedom, hopes, dreams, and plans for the future "taking flight," as well as family issues, especially when a nest is involved. If a bird is caged, it suggests a desire for freedom that is constrained or feels trapped. If a bird is injured, it often reflects feelings that hopes or plans have been damaged or experienced a setback. It is important to pay attention to what kind of bird appears in your dream. Owls in dreams are associated with wisdom and knowledge and the need to make smart decisions in your waking life. A Lovebird is a sure sign that romance is on your mind. If lovebirds are caged, sick or dying in your dream, it reflects your feeling that your romantic life is suffering. Eagles are associated with clarity and perspective, the ability to see a great distance, due to their excellent eyesight. Hawks in dreams are similar to eagles but are also associated with hunters who swoop down on their prey. Ducks are fertility symbols, as in "a mother who has all of her little ducks in a row." Parrots are associated with people who mimic or "parrot" others.  Peacocks commonly symbolize people who are physically striking, showy or vain. Ravens (and other large black birds, including crows) are symbols of death and rebirth, appearing during transitions in your life. Vultures in dreams are associated with themes of death and rebirth. Dead birds falling from the sky can symbolize the end of a hope or dream, or the passing of an illusion.

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