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Sex in dreams (ranging from sexual activity and attraction to romance) is a symbol of lust, eroticism, sexual curiosity and emotional connection or attraction. While often a literal representation of sexual desire, sex also functions as a metaphor for attraction to qualities that your partner represents, especially when it comes to "inappropriate" or unlikely partners. How you feel IN the dream is significant and never disguised. As an example, if you feel that you want your partner's approval in the dream, it means that you want approval from them in waking life, rarely sexually. Sex with a much older person typically reflects a desire for security. Sex with a celebrity reflects that our social status is "moving up" in the world. (A celeb treats us like an equal!) Sex with a friend or co-worker can be a metaphor for "good working chemistry." Dreams of same sex relations are common. Are you curious, or do you just want to be as beautiful or appealing as your dream lover?

If you have a purely sexual dream with a stranger while in a romantic or committed relationship in your waking life, it reflects feelings that you are missing sex in the relationship. Dreams of watching adult movies or viewing pornography suggest a desire for increased sex and exploration. If we dream our spouse or partner views pornography, we may be suspicious of an affair, or may be feeling sexually inadequate. Is it time to lower the lights, and break out the massage oils?

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