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Bathrooms in dreams are a common setting, representing feelings that relate to shame and the "release of private emotions." If a dreamer searches for a toilet but cannot find a private location (all the stalls are exposed, or strangers are present causing the dreamer to be uncomfortable) the dream may indicate fear of expressing one's "private behaviors" in public. If the toilet area is filthy or flooded, with the toilet bowl backed up or otherwise not functioning, difficulty "eliminating" emotions-a blockage-is indicated. Does the dreamer try to "control" his or her emotions too much?

Dreams of searching for a bathroom to urinate may reflect actual pressure upon one's bladder during sleep. Do you have to go when you wake up?

Defecation dreams also are common in the aftermath of lovers' quarrels and other intense arguments. Do you feel that someone has been "dumping their crap" on you?

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