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A house, apartment or a home in a dream is often a representation of the self or the person to whom it belongs, your or their physical, mental and emotional space.

A haunted house in a dream symbolizes painful or scary memory and emotion related to the time that you spent in that house. If the haunted house is not reminiscent of a place you know, it could represent a symbolic "place" in your waking life that is scary, such as a current relationship.

Large houses with many rooms may be metaphors for extended family lines. Mansions in dreams are often representations of wealth, money or feelings of grandeur.

Upper floors and rooftops of a house symbolize higher functions, such as consciousness, thinking, and spiritual perspective. Basements and cellars represent subconscious feelings and awarenesses.

Moving into a new house in a dream symbolizes your feeling that you are moving into a new phase or stage in your life. A new opportunity has presented itself in your waking life. It may occur when your children leave the nest or you get a new raise or promotion in your work.

A house under construction reflects feelings that you are "under construction", as in constructing or building a "new" you, which can be as a result of a divorce, breakup or a medical/health issue.

An old house may reflect the inherited or adopted qualities or principles of a parent or grandparent.

A house that is in disrepair or falling apart in a dream indicates fears that your family home is coming apart at the seams. It's time to identify the causes and repair them before your family does fall apart.

A family house on fire represents a burning issue or threat to the family home.

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