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I live in a small village in Cornwall and my father owns a taxi business. A man works for his firm called John who is very shifty looking and his hair is always lank and greasy. He has a weird sense of humour and I don’t like to be in his company in real life. In my dream this man kidnaps me and keeps me in his council house. He says nothing to me...just keeps staring at me. I can see out of the window and see my family outside crying, worried sick for my safety. I can hear my dad at the door telling him I had gone missing but he is really nice and tells him he will help look for me. I try to shout for help but my voice has gone and no-one can hear me banging on the window. All I can see is my family distraught and it is so upsetting. Not that he ever does anything or say anything to hurt me. I used to have this dream often before I was married but none since. Why do you think I was dreaming all this? I didn’t dislike him but it is so weird.

--Anita, Age 27, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, UK

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