sleep quiz

Can you pass the sleep quiz?

Answer true or false to the following questions:

  1. Most people need eight hours of sleep to function at their best.
  2. The older you get, the fewer hours of sleep you need.
  3. Raising the volume on the radio will help keep you awake while driving.
  4. The human body can successfully adjust to nightshift work.
  5. Snoring is not harmful as long as it does not disturb sleep.

Ready for the answers...?

1. True. And nearly one in three Americans sleeps six or hours or less, which means many are not getting enough sleep. This leads to driving while drowsy or being unable to concentrate at work, sometimes with disastrous results.

2. False. This is a myth believed by 42% of Americans. Sleep needs remain unchanged throughout adulthood. Older people may wake more frequently through the night, but sleep difficulties are not a normal part of aging.

3. False. More than 40% believe this, but research shows that loud radios and opening the window—common strategies used by people trying to stay awake—don’t work.

4. False. Most people believe this, but the truth is that the human body never comfortably adjusts. We are programmed to feel most sleepy when it is dark, regardless of when we work or what the clock says.

5. False. Snoring may indicate sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening disorder, that needs professional treatment.

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