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Years ago when I moved to California I happened to watch a television program on an independent network. The program was called “Praying Hands” and was on after midnight on Sundays. The lady that hosted the show seemed kind of strange and she had a teddy bear named Puddin’ Tame that she would tell the people to say goodnight to when she signed off. I’m sure that she paid for and produced the show for public access TV to express her religious messages. My memories are vague but I don’t think she was prone to quoting scripture.

Anyway, after watching the program one night I fell asleep in short order. A few minutes later I dreamt that I was in an old gothic-style house seated at a large round table directly across from her with about four people between us on either side. Some of the people were family members and other were faces I knew but didn’t recognize. The room was dark with a lot of black cloth around; on the widows, table, and her dress. Then she started to speak while looking directly at me as a candleabra lit up in the middle of the table. I didn’t understand what she was saying - whether my mind was blocked or she was speaking a foreign tongue I’m not sure.

When she started to speak I started to lift out of my chair, unknowingly at first. By the time I was clearly out of the chair I was in awe. I was floating in a sitting position. Then I started to tilt forward and float in an out stretched position. I started to wonder how come I was the one floating in air since I didn’t even know how I came to be involved with this group. At the time I realized that I was directly over the candles I started to spin around slowly facing each person at the table one at a time. Then the speed increased while she continued talking and the other people started to clap lightly. In no time the spinning became so fast that I started gasping for air. My gasps became panicked. The last gasp I made was so loud it woke me up just as I was being flung toward one of the windows.

Even though the dream occurred years ago I still believe that it has some sort of significance. I did have a different dream the next week after watching her show in which I started floating and then was flung through the air to a perilous end at a speed that approached Mach 1. The setting was different and the details not so clear except for the floating and flying portion.

I never had a flying experience in a dream before and haven’t had one since. I’ve had falling sensations but those are different. What kind of insight can you offer regarding the dream that I have described?

--Vince, Age 35, Billings, MT, USA

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