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I am a single mother of 2 kids—a girl who’s 5 and a boy who’s 3. Last night I had the worst dream I have ever had. My kids and I were in some kind of public building and were on the third floor. I was talking to a group of people and holding my son. My daughter wandered away from us and when I looked to see where she was, she was looking over the balcony of the staircase. I said to her “Amber, don’t do that. Come back over here.”

Just as I got the words out of my mouth, she leaned over the railing and fell. I raced down the stairs and when I got to her she was laying on the ground dead. I could hear her screaming as she fell and saw her fall.

We live in an apartment that is 2 stories and has a large balcony at the top of the stairs, which is where I sleep because the apartment is only 1 bedroom. Since we moved her last month I have been afraid one of the kids might fall from the balcony. This dream has me so scared that I’m thinking of moving now. Could this be some sort of premonition about my daughter’s fate?

Please help—I’m desperate to figure this out.

--Jennifer, Age 24, Divorced, Pulaski, TN, USA

Dear Dream Doctor,

I have had SEVERAL dreams about my two year old daughter. In the first dream I left her at home to go to a shopping centre across the road (which I would never do!)—and the more I tried to return to her, the further away our house would be, or the shopping centre would expand as I ran to the doors to go home.

The other three dreams I have are similar, in that I cannot reach my daughter. The areas/situations/scenes keep changing. First I’m at an army memorial, next thing I am climbing a mountain of cardboard boxes to try to get to her. But each time I think I am heading in the right direction, the scene changes and takes me further away

I wake up sweating and distressed. I am so scared that something will happen to my daughter I do not let her out of my sight. If she is with me, nothing will happen to her. I am scared to let her grow up and explore things for fear of something happening. Help!

--Jayne, Age 36, Female, Married, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Dear Dream Doctor,

Could you please answer what my dream means? I have dreamed about our little boy who is nearly 3 years old. Everytime we go near water, I dream of our son drowning, and that we can’t find him. If someone says anything about water, for example, let’s go fishing or water-skiing, I dream that night that a drowning accident happens and that it’s our son. The last one was of fishing. Our son fell in the river and I had to go looking for him in the dark as my husband can’t swim. In the water-skiing dream my husband and his brother took our son out in the boat, and he fell out and they couldn’t find him. It scares me as now I won’t let him near the water because of the vision of the dream. I see it happen in front of my eyes in the day. Can you please help me? 

--Sandrine, Age 32, Female, Married, Atherton, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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