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Welcome parents!

To start talking dreams with your teens, all you need to do is ask them if they had any cool dreams recently. Teens dream a lot, and they're interested - like all of us - to find out what they mean. But talking dreams with your teens will help you as a parent learn what's really on your kids' minds.

Here are 10 common dreams that are warning signs:

car out of control, fear of having an accident or wreck.
chased with fears of attack
cannot run when chased
calling 911 on a phone
cannot speak or cannot scream for help
friends or family members dying
attacked by a vampire
shot with a gun or cut with a knife
cannot swim

Visit the links provided above and acquaint yourself with the warning signs that every parent should know. And remember, keep talking dreams with your teens!



change of name

amputate child's feet
parent of a 15-year-old boy
daughters are pregnant!
boy at risk!
healthy ponies

a sign of pregnacy?
lose my baby
tubes tied

  Confusional arousals & nightmares
no memory
screaming child

on trial for murder

Death of children and parents
a stranger
mom dies
radiant health

last hug
my father's grave


Maternal instincts
a glass cell
severed ties
broken window
lose my daughter
neglected birds
super mom
worried about baby

my mom is in the hospital!
sexual abuse

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