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Hi Stephanie—

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not being allowed to grow up?

You are 32 years old, but it’s no accident that this dream places you back in high school. You had an affair a few years ago (a mis-step), and your dream shows that you now are trying to “make all the right moves” (perform a choreographed routine) to prove your fidelity to your husband -- and regain his trust. Unfortunately, your repeated performances appear to be going unappreciated. Your husband still has not forgiven your earlier transgression, and continues to treat you with distrust.

When dreams locate us “back in time,” they are telling us that our current behavior reminds us of how we used to feel when we were younger. It’s clear you feel bad about your affair, and now wish to make amends, even if it means playing a subservient, “student/teacher” role with your husband. If the man you had an affair with is someone you knew from high school, it’s also clear your husband worries about you visiting the “rival team.”

In the dream, you are unprepared for the role you are called upon to perform. If the dance routine represents efforts you are making to heal your relationship, have you considered that it may be time for professional help? Affairs always injure relationships. A marriage counselor may be just the specialist you need -- to “learn the steps” of rebuilding trust with your husband.

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