white noise

“White noise” can be soothing...

For some people with insomnia, any sound at all during sleep—or rather, during those times when one is trying to get to sleep—drives them crazy. But for others, “white noise” is the cure. “White noise” ranges from the steady sound of a fan blowing to the soft hum of an air filter or even a computer that doesn’t get shut off at night. The noise can be used to mask or over-ride other noises that may be disturbing to sleep—outside traffic, sounds and voices from a street below—or it can be used to create a gentle, constant, soothing—some say hypnotic—ambiance of sound. But if you haven’t tried it, you won’t know which type of person you are.

Try starting out with a fan in the room. If it seems to work, you may want to explore some of the fancier white noise machines sold in many department stores. Then again, you may like the sound of the fan—and not have to spend a nickel! It’s worth a try. Like I said, for some people it’s the cure!

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