waking dreams!

I have been having vivid recollections of what I think are dreams. These usually happen to me at the most inopportune times (e.g.. during meetings at work, etc.). The feeling is so overwhelming that I have no choice but to concentrate on the thought. During an episode I can see individuals that I have never met. The more I concentrate the further I seem to be pulled from this reality.

The feeling during this state is euphoric. However, when I finally snap out of it my brain feels totally confused and I get a sick to my stomach feeling. It then takes me at least 2 hours for my brain to reset and the sick feeling to go away. After that I am fine until it happens again. (usually 3 or 4 times a week)

I do have a stressful position at work. I have also gone for a CAT scan and it showed nothing. Am I just going nuts or what?!

— Anonymous

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