I have dreams where I know that I am dreaming but am unable to awaken myself. I must be somewhat conscious because I know whether there is someone in the room with me.

If there is someone in the room, I yell very loudly in my dream hoping I will really yell—so the person will wake me up. If I know I am alone I will move as much as possible hoping to maybe kick something and wake myself up.

These dreams are all nightmares, usually consisting of myself struggling with someone who is holding or chasing me. When I do finally awaken people in the room say that I have made no noise at all. I do eventually awaken from all of these dreams.

I don’t know what is scarier, the actual nightmare or not being able to wake myself up. Also if I do not fully wake myself up (i.e. walk around) I will continue to have these dreams for the rest of the night.

— Valerie, Age 19, Female, Single, Oakdale, NY, USA

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