phantom of the night

I have had this bizarre dream three to four times per night for the last two nights. In the dream I am asleep in my bed when someone or something evil enters the room with malicious intent. I am still asleep in the dream and am attempting to awaken to protect myself. I sense in the dream that if I do not awaken before the intruder gets me that I will die. I am unable to scream myself awake and finally awaken because I am actually physically whimpering (my mouth wouldn't work to scream).

The actual dream itself is not that disturbing to me, but the frequency of it is. I haven't been able to sleep! I am not frightened about sleeping, but this dream occurs approximately every 90 minutes. I have experienced sleep deprivation off and on for the last four years mostly due to school and my career, and have only occasionally experienced sleep paralysis dreams. I am not worried about intruders, nor do I feel myself in danger in any way that I am aware of. These dreams have all occurred when I've been sleeping on my back.

Does the frequency indicate that I am repressing an unresolved issue? I have had many major changes over the last two years, but none that I would call oppressive.

— Peter, Age 32, USA

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