grind at night!

Hi Lydia—

Your dream may be warning you that you are grinding your teeth during sleep. Teeth grinding—also known as nocturnal bruxism—is a common disorder during sleep that is estimated to affect as much as 10-20% of the general population. Only 10% of this group, however, ever have sufficient grinding to require treatment.

Your dream, with its attention to detail such as being able to feel small flakes of enamel in your mouth (not unlike what you feel at the dentist’s after having a cavity filled)—raises the possibility that your dream is reflecting activity that is occurring during the night. Treatment for bruxism, fortunately, is simple. If you visit your dentist and she sees evidence of grinding, she most likely will recommend that you wear a small mouthguard over your teeth at night—like what boxers and American football players wear to protect their teeth—only smaller and more comfortable. This way, you will grind your teeth against the mouthguard instead of against your other teeth—and this will prevent any damage.

It’s definitely worth a visit to your dentist to have the possibility investigated. When it comes to your teeth—a “stitch in time” may really save nine!

For additional information about the significance of “teeth falling out” dreams, visit Common Dreams section, and read some dream reports located under category heading “Teeth.”

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