dream of bathrooms

I have a recurring dream about bathrooms. It is always a bathroom, but never the same one. It has been everything from climbing up an old wooden ladder, opening a big wooden door and there is a bathroom. One was a multi-stalled bathroom and I was dying my hair in the sink. Last night it was a bathroom at my aunt’s house. 3/4 of the time I am urinating. I often look into the bowl beforehand. There are usually a lot of other things going on as well in the dream. The other night it was a friend/coworker who was with me, we had hitchhiked, gotten a ride with an older man who had renovated a bus. We both went into the bathroom, it was large, and she watched the TV that was in there, and I used the toilet.

I have been having this dream for maybe 4-5 years.

— Anonymous, Age 33, Charlottetown, CANADA

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