asleep at the wheel

What percentage of women would you guess report that they have fallen asleep behind the wheel of an automobile in the last year?

1%? 3%? 5%?

Guess again.

The answer is a whopping 27%!

If you limit the question to women ages 18-24 years—the statistics climb to 37%! That’s more than one out of every three women you see!

Is there an epidemic of tiredness among women—and especially among women ages 18-24? The National Sleep Foundation says there is. According to the foundation, one out of every four women suffers from clinically significant daytime sleepiness.

The major culprits are: not enough sleep, disturbed sleep due to menstruation, pregnacy, menopause, and parenthood— and insomnia.

Source: The National Sleep Foundation’s 2007 Women and Sleep Poll

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